3D Coordinates for Any Application

The Sarissa PositionBox is an innovative x-y-z coordinate sensor which makes it possible to determine the 3D position of handling devices or tools, without any additional length or angle measuring systems and with virtually zero wear-and-tear.

The PositionBox transfers the xyz position data in real time via an Ethernet TCP / IP connection. The evaluation and representation of the spatial coordinates takes place in the customer system. As an intelligent 3D sensor, the Sarissa PositionBox can be integrated into all production situations. Parameters of the system are set via TCP / IP and the necessary location information of the tool, the workpiece or the hands can be queried and evaluated at any time. We are pleased to provide you sample software for Siemens S7 and .net applications to facilitate the development of drivers for 3rd party / customer systems quickly and efficiently.

The tried-and-tested command set of the PositionBox enables you to start the master system by production control, to query results and to set digital outputs. Ask us for detailed technical documentation.

Maximum Compatibility

Sarissa assistance systems fit perfectly into a networked production environment. In terms of Industry 4.0, the PositionBox and the QualityAssist provide exact, quality-relevant location information. Via TCP / IP connection and a real-time data protocol, the LPS communicates with higher-level controllers, whether PC or PLC. With powerful commands, the LPS can be remotely controlled. Work instructions can thus be put together in real-time from existing basic information generated by the production control of the user.

The result: a highly flexible control of the production of products according to customer requirements, true Batch Size One production. Human errors of neglect, omission, and confusion are no longer possible. In order to connect tools, the LPS has four open-protocol interfaces. Modbus-TCP to digital inputs and outputs completes the communication possibilities. For remote assistance or maintenance, the second network interface can be used with TeamViewer®.