sarissa ToolNavigator

The main application of Sarissa’s Local Positioning System is the ToolNavigator. Adapted to the specific application of detecting the position of a tool moving freely within a specified area, the ToolNavigator plays a significant part in ensuring production quality. The flexibility offered by the ToolNavigator is not available with any other product.

ToolNavigator complete set

Install the receiving unit, program the tool positions, and you’re ready to start working. The intuitive software makes programming new procedures fast and simple.

Receiver unit

Robust connectors ensure safe operation in harsh industrial environments. A high-speed USB connection, the x, y, z-coordinates are transmitted to the PC.

Accurate monitoring of tool processes

Whatever the tool looks like – whether it’s a screwdriver, a glue or grease gun, a welding gun, a punch or torque wrench – the ToolNavigator eliminates errors due to incorrect positioning, incorrect work sequence, staying in position too long or not staying long enough. All these errors can be prevented by the ToolNavigator.

Standard ultrasonic transmitter unit

The ultrasonic transmitter unit can be mounted on practically any tool from any manufacturer. Various interfaces, in both hardware and software, simplify integration.

Miniature ultrasonic transmitter unit

For small tools, commonly used in the assembly of electronic components, a miniature triple transmitter is also available.

ToolNavigator: The advantage

Natural work flow is maintained and, therefore, motivation. And don’t forget the workers’ acceptance: Rejection by the workers is always a precursor to failure.

ToolNavigator Equipment

Through the use of specific adapters and extensive accessories, the transmitters can be installed on practically any tool, either as a single transmitter or in a cluster.

Specific solutions upon request.